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Write your own Story with an Electric Bike that is designed
to take you where you want to go with style and power,
while being environmentally-friendly.

Story Bikes makes a well-priced, great-looking, quality
e-bike with a philanthropic purpose. With every e-bike purchase we donate a regular bike to students in developing countries. 


We are the e-bike you’ve been waiting for.

45-Mile Range

Don’t let the sleek and stealth battery fool you. All of our bikes have up to a 45-mile range, which covers almost 99.993% of most bike rides.

Up to 20mph

Go up to 20mph when using our battery assist. You can always go faster coasting or pedaling yourself, but again, most bike rides don’t require you to go faster than 20mph.

Torque-Sensing Crankset

Our torque sensing cranks measure how hard you're pedaling to determine how much electric power to push the bike. The harder you pedal, the more power the motor will give you. While the lighter you pedal, the less power  you'll receive. 


Just as billed; I love my new bike!  

I figured out how to put the bike together in an afternoon, no problem. I had a minor issue with the bike rack, which was replaced quickly and easily. I'm navigating hills to and from work and love my commute. Thanks.

- Elizabeth
 Amazon Verified Buyer

love it

It is not too heavy. The small hard seat I thought might be a problem, but it is very comfortable. Easy to use

- Dinah
 Amazon Verified Buyer

Not only a great bike but wonderful company!  

I love my story bike and I love the company. They replaced my battery charger at no cost to me when I accidentally got it wet. This is a great company that makes a wonderful bike and helps out the needy.

- Larry
 Amazon Verified Buyer

WOW! Customer Service! 

I had some questions on this bike and the company was quick about getting on the phone and resolving my needs. They are a very trustworthy company and very honest about the products they sell. The bike is beautiful and very well built. It was easy to put together with the help of the instruction video on their website. It doesn't even look like an electric bike with the concealed battery. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The electric side of this bicycle is extremely easy to use. Shifting gears is also very easy. I am NOT an avid bike rider. This is a great bike even for the not so fit older person, like me. I haven't been on a bike in years and this was fun!

- Shari 
 Amazon Verified Buyer

Love my Story Electric bicycle.

Love this bike. The quality and ease of use is excellent. I like that it is not overly heavy like many others that I had looked at. The price is right and I am glad I made the purchase.

- Mary
 Amazon Verified Buyer

Company is great to work with and awesome bike

UPS did a lot of damage but the company picked up the tab and once we got their email to work and the owner of the company took care of the UPS damages immediately without any questions. Great prices on this bike. We rode to the beach and back or 8 miles and still had a full charge.

- Edward
 Amazon Verified Buyer

Easy, Breezy, Stylish Bike 

I bought this for my wife and she’s absolutely obsessed with it. She was never big into biking around but this bike changed everything! It’s easy for my wife to use, lift , and charge. The bike is stylish, unlike the other electric bikes on the market and it’s a very smooth ride too. I highly recommend this bike!

 Amazon Verified Buyer


I LOVE my STORY Bike! It is light weight compared to other electric bikes while still being very powerful. We have watched the company grow since they started and are so happy they are doing well and giving back to those less fortunate in Africa. Keep up the good work!

- Nobie
 Amazon Verified Buyer

Great investment! 

Got my bike a couple of weeks ago. It’s a lot lighter than I thought it’d be and assembly wasn’t too bad. Took me about 25 mins to get it put together. I ride it pretty frequently to work. Comfortable seat and gets me up the hills quick! Love the company’s mission as well.

- Tim 
 Amazon Verified Buyer

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