A Beautiful Ride

We weren't happy with giant battery packs and aesthetically compromised designs. We wanted a beautiful and classic looking bike that used subtle, modern design queues with integrated and blended electric parts so it only looks like you're on an old-school bike, but feels like you're on a rocket.

Our Electric Bike System

We have sourced and matched products that combine exceptional performance and quality with great value and safety.

36v 7 AH Samsung Lithium Ion Battery. Quality batteries from a trusted source mean you don't have to worry if they're safe or if they'll wear out too quickly. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge.

350 watt Rear Hub Motor. A strong, light-weight and efficient motor helps our bikes zip along without all the weight and baggage of a traditional hub motor.

Torque Sensing Crank. Apply just a bit of pressure on the crank and we'll send power to the motor giving you instant boost. Stop pedaling and the motor will automatically turn off saving your battery. 

Crystal Clear
LCD Screen

Our clear and easy-to-read LCD screen makes it easy to see your speed and battery level while riding. And our batteries provide a convenient way to recharge any USB object, directly from your bike's internal battery.


With quality parts and an aluminum frame, our bikes start at just 33 pounds. That includes the batteries and motor. You'll love how easy the bike is to carry up stairs, or ride straight up hills.

5 levels of

Choose how much power you need from your motor. Crank it up to level 5 for maximum assist for those hills. Power it down to level 2 or 1 for flat roads for smooth riding. 

Maintainenance & Repair

Our bikes use commonly available parts to allow most local bike shops to perform all necessary maintenance and repairs.