Story Electric Road Bike
Story Electric Road Bike
Story Electric Road Bike
Story Electric Road Bike
Story Electric Road Bike
Story Electric Road Bike
Story Electric Road Bike
Story Electric Road Bike

Story Electric Road Bike

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Pre-orders made after 09/01/21 estimated to ship in early October 2021!

For our Story Road Bike, we started with a sleek and traditional bike design. We carefully tucked in a powerful motor and hid the batteries neatly into the frame. When we finished we found ourselves with a beautiful and timeless bike that’s modern and powerful.

This model comes 95% assembled with all the tool necessary included making it easy to put together at home. 

Our Electric Road Bike comes well-equipped with a lightweight frame that's powered by a 350-watt motor, 36-volt battery. The LCD Screen is easy to operate and includes a USB charging port. 

We added premium parts, including micro leather grips and seat, hydraulic disc brakes, and 9-speed gearing to give you the ultimate performance and range. 

The Story Road bike’s beautiful, minimalist design and outstanding performance makes it an obvious choice for those looking for a cost-efficient rocket ship.

Sizing: The Road Bike does come in 2 different size frames, 52 cm and 58 cm. 

Recommended Height

52 cm frame: 5'5 - 5'10

58 cm frame: 5'10 - 6'3+

Please email us with any additional questions regarding sizing, 

Product Specs

Frame: Aluminum Frame Size: 52cm or 58cm Weight: 33lbs
Speed: 20mph Max Distance: 35-45 miles
Depending on PAS level
Motor: 350 watt geared rear hub motor
Battery: Samsung 36v x 7.0 AH Pedal Assist System: Torque Sensing PAS with 5 levels of assist Display: LCD Screen with USB out
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes Gears: 9 speeds Tires: Kenda 700c x 25
Story Bike Features

USB Plug For Charging

Using turn-by-turn directions drain battery-life from our phones. Protect your battery and use Story Bike’s integrated USB port so you can charge your phone while you ride to work, school, or around town.

5 Levels of Pedal Assist

Crank the level up when you get tired. Let the bike do more of the work by changing the Pedal assist levels. Got to get to work and don’t want to show up in a sweat? Turn the pedal assist up. Trying to get in some cardio? Turn the pedal assist off.

Hidden Battery

Our unique hidden battery that's built within the frame gives it the sleek look of a traditional bike while giving you the power of a fast and powerful ride! 

20 MPH

Story Bikes are equipped with a powerful motor capable of hitting speeds up to 20 MPH. Big hills? No problem. The 350W motor is discreet yet packs a major punch. 250W motors are also offered to comply with international regulations.

45 Mile Range

Ride to the beach, work, grocery store, and back home all on a single charge. Powered by a 36V battery hidden in the down tube of the bike, Story Bikes will get you where you need to go. You can maximize your range by relying less on the motor and more on your output.

Torque Sensing crankset

With the Torque Sensing Crankset you are free to enjoy the pleasures of biking. Equipped with up to six different levels of pedal assist, just apply pressure and the motor will instantly power the bike to your preferred level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Christopher Bolte
900-mile update: My Commute was too rough...

I’ve had my Story Electric Road Bike for about 5 months now and while it has been great fun for the most part I very quickly realized that the roads around the Boston area were just too much for it. To start out with the positives, the motor performance is still excellent and I get around 20mi of range when flooring it on PAS level 5 at a constant 18 to 20mph. Similarly, all the components have been solid so far as well, with the exception of the rear brake pads which I’ve had to replace once already as they had worn down.

What hasn’t been working so well around these parts - where potholes, rough tarmac, debris, and small rocks are very common - is keeping air INSIDE my tires. The 25mm wide tires the bike ships with are awesome for smooth roads in affluent suburbs, not so much when the roads are rough. This bike weighs considerably more than an “analog” road bike so the choice of the included 25mm tires is somewhat questionable as they are very much on the narrow side, even for regular road bikes.

I got 3 flats with the included Thickslicks, switched to Gatorskins and, while it took a little longer, eventually amassed 4 flats with those as well. Then, I decided to replace the rim strips with fabric rim tape and branch out a bit in terms of tire choice. I fitted the widest tires the frame can possibly hold: 32mm Panaracer Gravel Kings. Even with those tires it only took a week or so to end up with another pinch flat (or “snake bite”) despite meticulously checking my tire pressure every day.

So, over 5 months I’ve now had a total of 9 pinch flats as well as one incident where I ended up with a pinch flat and two nasty tire punctures in one go.

Ultimately I’ve decided that these roads really require a gravel bike and have ordered a Canyon Grail:ON for peace of mind, a more sophisticated drive system that lets me more easily tremor the rear wheel, and a more comfortable ride.

The Story Road Bike remains a great bike if you live somewhere with smooth roads, but if your daily commute is a little on the rough side I’d recommend looking at something that can hold wider tires.

John Scibek
Better than I imagined

I have been looking for a bike to reduce my perspiration when traveling to meetings here in Miami. My Story Road Bike is it!

Tom Grove
Beautiful Bike and Superb Support

Performance and style exceeded expectations!. Support team responded immediately to questions. They were also helpful in recommending options to “accessorize” the bike. I am thrilled with this bike.

Robert Bierbaum
Awesome service!!!!

I had a few questions about settings and assembly... which was easy but I was trying to make it harder than it needed to be. The online assistance was INCREDIBLE! Almost immediate and thorough! You NEVER get that these days. Riding my road bike and it is AWESOME! Battery charge lasts ridiculously long and riding is smooth and fun. When I asked about modifications they immediately sent not just the answer but a link to the precise product on Amazon. This company ROCKS!!!

Bert Fernández
Great bike

It has all the features I was looking for. 9gears to ride without assistance, light weight, seamless transition to and from electric assistance. To top it all it is a beautiful bike!

Story Bikes was born from the love of electric bikes and philanthropy.

For EVERY Story Electric Bike Sold, One Buffalo Bike is donated to those in need globally.

The goal of our electric bikes is to get people of all ages back on bikes, out of cars, and living healthier lifestyles by riding more often while reducing their carbon footprint. Riders will also have an immediate impact on a person in need in impoverished parts of the world.  

Our Partner 

With the help of World Bicycle Relief,  specially designed and locally assembled Buffalo Bikes will be donated to entrepreneurs, farmers, health care workers, and students-- mobilizing people through the power of bicycles. Buffalo bicycles provide greater carrying capacity, enabling farmers and entrepreneurs to transport more goods in less time. Increased productivity leads to improved livelihood and more prosperous communities.

Students reduce travel time to and from school which improves their educational outcomes. More bicycles in the hands of girls and boys in rural regions of the developing world will help lift families and communities out of poverty.