Your Guide To Ebike LCD Screens

Ebike LCD Screens

A clear, easy-to-read LCD screen is a vital component of any electric bike. Your LCD screen is there for both safety and convenience, and is similar to the dashboard of a car. It allows you to track your speed and battery power as you ride and tweak settings like pedal assist, throttle mode, headlights, and backlights.

For traditional bike riders making the transition to ebikes, an LCD display may initially seem confusing. However, LCD screens are simple to use once you learn the basics.

What Does An LCD Screen Tell You?

Every LCD screen is slightly different, so you should always consult your bike’s user manual to learn how to read your screen. However, the vast majority of LCD screens provide a speedometer and odometer and also track battery capacity.

The speedometer displays your current speed at all times, just like the speedometer in a car. This is an important safety feature, especially for new riders unaccustomed to an ebike’s high speeds. In some cities, ebikes may have to adhere to local speed limits, so knowing your speed at all times is important.

LCD screens also include an odometer, which displays how many miles you have ridden. Some odometers also track your time spent riding. The odometer can be reset on every ride, and Story Bike odometers also have a “total time, total mileage” feature.

This can be a useful way to track metrics and set goals for those trying to get more active and improve their cycling stamina over time. For example, challenge yourself to ride five more miles one month or to increase your mileage by a set amount each week.

Knowing your bike’s current battery capacity is also very important, especially for long rides. You do not want to be left stranded without adequate battery power. Most ebike LCD screens will tell you your battery capacity the same way a laptop or iPhone would. This helps ensure you have enough battery life left to get to your destination.

What Does An LCD Screen Control?

LCD screens allow riders to turn certain features on and off with just a push of a button. Every LCD screen is different and controls are contingent on your bike’s specific features. Your user manual can provide more precise information.

For ebikes with pedal assist, you can usually turn pedal assist up and down as needed using your LCD screen. Story Bikes allow you to modify pedal assist with up and down arrows. The higher the pedal assist, the easier the ride. You can power assist up to level five for a steep hill and then dial it back to a one or two once you reach flat terrain.

Story Bikes also come with a feature called “walk mode.” Holding the down arrow on your LCD screen initiates the motor to cruise at three miles per hour. This allows you to comfortably walk your bike. Walk mode removes some of the physical burden of pushing by allowing your bike to keep pace with your walking speed.

If your ebike has throttle mode, throttle can typically be controlled via the LCD screen. Throttle mode is similar to how a motorcycle or motor scooter works. When throttle is powered up, it propels your bike forward at a faster pace. Like pedal assist, throttle mode can be dialed up and down as needed with buttons on your LCD screen.

Ebikes often come with built-in headlights and backlights. These are vital when riding after dark. Staying visible helps you avoid accidents with cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. Most LCD screens allow you to turn your headlights on and off with buttons on the screen. This is a convenient feature if you’re riding in the early evening, as you can simply flip a switch and turn your lights on as the night progresses.

Ebike LCD Screens: The Bottom Line

An LCD screen is one of the many useful tools an ebike provides. Your LCD display tracks your speed and mileage while allowing you to control key features on your bike. Every LCD screen is different, so always check your user manual for specifics.

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