What are the Health Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes?

benefits of riding electric bikes

The environmental and economical benefits of riding electric bikes are well known. E-bikes are faster and more practical than regular bicycles, while providing a cleaner transportation option than cars.

Electric bikes are also fun to ride and easier to use for commutes and casual errands.

While these advantages are all well-known, many people overlook the other benefits of riding electric bikes:

Health benefits.

We tend to think of conventional bikes as the better fitness option. After all, electric bikes assist you. An e-bike does not require the same endurance or muscle power that a regular bike requires. So how many health benefits can there really be for riding an e-bike?

Quite a few, as it turns out. In fact, the battery assist feature of an electric bike actually offers the rider more fitness advantages . . . albeit indirectly.

Here is a quick look at how hitting the road on two electric wheels boosts both physical and mental wellness.

There are Cardiovascular Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes

An e-bike is still a bike. While pedal assist does allow you to exert considerably less energy than a standard bike demands, you still have to move to operate an electric bike.

You can also choose to share the work with the bike. For example, Story Electric Bikes feature five levels of pedal assist. This option allows you to boost electric motor power on hills. It also allows you to not boost motor power, challenging yourself to push harder.

Whether you opt for a leisurely ride across town or saddle up with the intention of breaking a sweat, one thing is certain:

Riding an e-bike will get your heart-rate up. This kind of regular cardio is essential for enhancing heart health and lung function. Best of all, you can reap these benefits of riding electric bikes while simply running errands or heading out to visit friends.

Regular Rides Build Muscle

Between pedaling and posture, there are undeniable muscle-building benefits of riding electric bikes. It’s especially worth noting that the battery assist on an e-bike makes it possible for you to take longer rides. This boosts muscle endurance in addition to strength.

Over time, your e-bike habit leads to solid legs, glutes, and core.

A Long Ride Boosts Your Metabolism

Another benefit of longer rides is an increased resting metabolism rate.

When you train longer at medium intensity, your body adapts its rate of metabolism. A higher metabolism means you burn more calories. When you combine this with added muscle—also a metabolism booster—the fitness benefits of riding electric bikes become quite clear.

You Still Get Exercise Regardless of Ability

We love e-bikes because the technology makes bike riding accessible to everyone.

If you struggle with joint pain, an electric bike offers a gentler ride. You can still get out and get your blood pumping without fear of strain or injury.

You also don’t have to be an expert cyclist or already fit to enjoy an e-bike ride through the hills or across town. And if you do happen to be in excellent shape, your electric bicycle adds to your workout options.

An e-bike keeps you moving as you recover from athletic injury (if your doctor approves!). It also gives you the option to get extra exercise on your commute without forcing you to commit to a high-intensity workout.

Even those who have chronic disabilities have found e-bikes to be a great way to get some low-impact exercise.

You Enjoy the Mental Health Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes

Let’s not forget mental health. Exercise is already excellent for mental health, with effects such as reducing anxiety and boosting self-esteem. E-bikes go one step further by offering an fulfilling experience in addition to exercise-induced endorphins.

A bike ride gets you out into the fresh air. You can enjoy the sun on your face, satisfy your curiosity by taking new routes, and discover beautiful and inspiring areas of your community.

Electric bike riding can even be a social activity. Meet up with some friends and go exploring together.

When considering the benefits of riding electric bikes, mental wellness is huge. Regular rides can reduce stress as well as improve sleep, productivity, mood, creativity, and focus.

You Want to Get Your Workout In

This may be the biggest health benefit of riding electric bikes.

An e-bike makes physical activity fun, easy, and accessible. You can choose to commute by bike instead of by car without worrying about sweat or exhaustion. You can hit the bike path without worrying about knee pain. You can join bike riding friends without fear of falling behind.

Above all, you can go further. It is very hard to get bored on an electric bicycle. Story Bikes can go as far as 45 miles on a full charge. That kind of distance allows you to discover new routes, expand your horizons, and keep your rides interesting.

In other words, the greatest health benefit of an e-bike is that you’ll actually use it.

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