What are the Environmental Benefits of an E-bike?

environmental benefits of an e-bike

Biking has always been one of the most recommended ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Being zero emission vehicles, bikes generate no air pollution or carbon emissions. But what about electric bikes? With the recent popularity of e-bikes, many people are wondering about the potential environmental benefits of e-bikes.

While e-bikes do rely on electricity, they’re vastly more eco-friendly than many other modes of transportation. Plus, the fact e-bikes increase the range cyclers can travel means they can reduce reliance on cars more than conventional bikes. So, it’s more than fair to say e-bikes are good for the environment as a whole. 

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your carbon footprint, here are some of the most significant ways e-bikes can help you move toward that goal.

Zero Emissions Means No Air Pollution

E-bikes run on lithium-ion batteries, so this means they’re zero emission vehicles. Riding an e-bike means you’re not adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. You’re also producing zero air pollution. In fact, using e-bikes can prevent an estimated 500 pounds of carbon emissions per year from being released into the environment.

This isn’t just good news for preventing global warming. It also cuts down on contaminants in the air that create smog and other pollutants, which are a huge problem in urban areas and directly affect local ecosystems. The more people biking, the better. It creates a healthier atmosphere for people and animals alike.

Off-Peak Charging Saves Electricity

Whenever you charge a device, you draw electricity from the power grid. Peak hours for electricity usage are usually during the day. As you’re unlikely to be riding your e-bike very late at night, it’s easy to charge the battery during off-peak hours. You can, for example, plug your e-bike battery in and let it charge overnight.

Off-peak charging has a lot of environmental benefits. It puts a lot less strain on the power grid. It also uses excess power generated by the electric company, lessening your energy usage overall. This isn’t just good news for the environment either. All of this contributes to lowering the risk of brownouts and blackouts by decreasing demand during peak hours.

E-Bikes Increase Your Riding Range

Riding a regular bike to work can cut down on carbon emissions, of course, but that’s not a viable option for everyone. If your commute is only a mile or two, you can easily swap out the car trip for a bike ride to and from work each day. However, for those with longer commutes, biking to work isn’t always possible.

If you’re riding an electric bike, however, your riding range increases dramatically. E-bikes can go much faster than a regular bike, getting you to and from destinations in a timely manner. You can easily take your e-bike longer distances, and not just to work either. An e-bike opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing you more and more chances to opt for your bike over a car or other carbon-emitting vehicles. 

Story Bikes, for example, can go up to 20 miles per hour and get a 45 mile range. This greatly increases your opportunities to use a bike over a car. You can browse our bike collection here.  

Long-Lasting Batteries Cut Down On Waste

E-bike batteries don’t last forever, but they have a substantial lifespan. On average, e-bike batteries last 2 to 4 years, and some can even last longer. Long-lasting batteries mean a lot less waste overall, including waste on things like battery packaging.

Plus, most e-bike batteries are lithium-ion, so they don’t contain harmful elements like lead. And they need not end up in a landmine when they run out either. Most e-bike batteries are 100% recyclable.

The Bottom Line

If you opt to ride an electric bike, it’s a great way to work toward lessening your overall carbon footprint. E-bikes have a positive impact on the environment overall as they can greatly reduce your reliance on carbon-emitting vehicles like cars. They're also a great way to get outside every day and get a little exercise. 

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