Safety Practices For Riding Your E-bike

e-bike safety

E-bikes are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation – and it’s easy to see why. Eco-friendly, lightweight, and easy to ride, e-bikes make biking to and from locations easier than ever. However, it’s important to keep e-bike safety in mind if you’re relying heavily on an electric bicycle.

E-bikes, when used correctly, are a safe mode of transportation that sport loads of other benefits for your mood and health. However, before you hit the road, you should review e-bike safety tips and tricks. Below, we’ll outline the best ways to stay safe while enjoying your e-bike.

Road Safety

Just like any other vehicle, knowing the rules of the road is vital when it comes to electric bikes. While many of the same rules for riding traditional bicycles apply, there are some special considerations to take when you’re riding an e-bike.

Don’t bend the rules.

It’s recommended that bikes stay in the street or bike lanes over the sidewalk when possible. This means you’ll need to follow all the same rules as motor vehicles.

Running red lights and ignoring the speed limit puts you at risk of an accident. Respect the speed limit, yield for pedestrians, and wait your turn at spotlights and crossings.

You should also make sure you know your hand signals for a left turn and right turn, which vary by location. Giving other vehicles a heads up before turning is a vital safety precaution.

Pay Attention To Traffic

Bikes are sometimes easy to overlook. E-bikes, which can go at much faster speeds, can easily zip by a car quickly without a motorist knowing. E-bike safety means paying even more attention to traffic than you would on a traditional bike.

Always ride with traffic and not against it. Keep an eye on surrounding cars and – whenever possible – yield to traffic.

Be respectful in bike lanes.

E-bikes can go much faster than regular bikes. In fact, sometimes they can get nearly as fast as the speed limit in residential areas. When riding at higher speeds, this means you may pose a risk to those on traditional bikes.

Use bike lanes when available, as it’s generally safer than biking directly in the street, but be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for other cyclists. If you need to pass by someone riding a regular bike, make sure to give them plenty of space.

Best Riding Practices

E-bikes can go much faster than a conventional bicycle. Even if you’re an experienced cyclist, if you’re making a switch to  an e-bike it’s important to take certain things into consideration.

Make Sure You’re Visible

Again, e-bikes are much faster than regular bikes. This increased speed increases your risk of being overlooked by motor vehicles. Therefore, it’s important to take extra steps to stay visible on an e-bike.

Outfitting your bike with a bell or horn. The extra noise will make you easier to hear for drivers and pedestrians. You should always wear reflective clothing when riding your e-bike, especially at nightl. This way, you can honk if anyone on the street overlooks you.

Keep An Eye On Your Speed

Remember, you need to obey the speed limit even on an e-bike. This means you need to be vigilant about checking your speedometer. It’s all too easy to get carried away while riding and end up going too fast for conditions.

This is especially important to remember if you’re a new e-bike user. At first, it may feel unusual to glance down at a speedometer while riding a bike. Make sure to constantly check your speed while riding your e-bike.

Brake Earlier

Remember, pedal assisted technology generates a lot more momentum than you would experience with traditional bicycles. It might take a bit longer for an e-bike to come to a complete stop.

Always brake early when riding an e-bike so you’re able to stop safely before things like traffic lights and stop signs. Every e-bike is different in terms of how long it needs to brake, so take some time riding your bike in a parking lot before hitting the streets.

Use Proper Safety Equipment

Once you have your e-bike, you're going to need to invest in some extra safety equipment. As with any other bike, using safety equipment is vital when riding an e-bike.

Wear A Helmet

This one’s a given for any bike, including an e-bike. If you’re going to be biking, you need a helmet. This is never optional.

Make sure you get a helmet that fits properly. A properly fitted helmet should fit snugly and should be low on your forehead and level on your head. 

Invest In A Rear Facing Mirror

You can add rear facing mirrors to your e-bike, which allow you to better see what’s behind you. This is important as you’ll be out on the street near real cars.

Cars aren’t always easy to hear, so being able to scan the road and keep an eye on coming cars is an important safety precaution. Mirrors can also help you stay vigilant about pedestrians and other cyclists.

Install Blinking Lights

As stated before, e-bikes are not always easy to see. Therefore, you should invest in a set of blinking bike lights, especially if you’re going to be regularly riding your bike at night. These catch the attention of motorists, keeping you safer on the street.

In addition to lights, reflectors can make you even more visible. For those who ride after dark, both blinking lights and reflectors are a must.


E-bike safety is vital. When you’re regularly riding at fast speeds on the road with other vehicles, you need to make sure you take steps to stay vigilant to keep yourself and others safe. From watching the road to investing in a helmet and blinking lights, there’s plenty you can do to stay as safe as possible while riding your e-bike.

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