Essential Ebike Accessories For Long Rides


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Ebikes come with the benefit of allowing riders to go much faster than they could on traditional bicycles. Many ebike riders are excited to hit longer, tougher trails with the help of pedal-assist technology. While a long ride can be thrilling, you should also make sure you stay safe. 

Longer trips come with their own set of concerns. When going on a long ride, you want to make sure you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances. While going on a casual two mile ride around your neighborhood may not require bringing equipment to patch up a flat tire, a 10-mile trek through rocky terrain will. 

The last thing you want is to end up stranded in a remote area without adequate supplies. Below, we have compiled a list of essential ebike accessories for longer trips. 

The Safety Essentials 

A Helmet 

While it should go without saying, far too many riders neglect to wear helmets – even on dangerous terrains. A bike helmet is a must on trips of all sizes. Long distance trips are no exception. If you’re riding your bike, you need to be wearing a helmet at all times. 

Make sure you get a helmet that fits you properly too. Wearing a helmet that is too tight or too loose can be a safety risk in its own right. A properly fitted helmet should be low on your forehead and level on your head. 

A Water Bottle 

On a long ride, running out of water is not just inconvenient – it’s dangerous. In hotter months especially, your body needs water to cool itself by producing sweat. Dehydration can contribute to heat stroke, which is a serious medical condition. 

It is well worth your money to invest in a high-quality water bottle made from durable material. The last thing you want is your water bottle to break in the event you suffer a fall while riding. 

You should also always pack more water than you think you can drink. A ride could take longer than expected or unusually hot weather may mean you need to drink more. In fact, if you’re going for a very long ride, packing a second backup water bottle – if it doesn’t add too much extra weight – is always a good precaution. 

Lights And Reflectors 

Bike lights and reflectors keep you visible to cars and other cyclists. They also help you see the road or tail after dark. Spoke reflectors, pedal strips, and LED rear lights are all safety essentials for long trips. 

Even if you are biking in the daylight hours, lights and reflectors are vital for your safety. You never know what might happen during a long ride. If you end up staying out later than expected, you need to have a light source handy. You do not want to be stuck navigating a bumpy mountain bike trail in the dark. 

Some areas have local bike laws that require you to have a specific type of lighting on your bike. When selecting lights, make sure to review any regulations in your area to ensure compliance. 

A First Aid Kit 

A first aid kit does not have to be cumbersome. You can find many small, lightweight kits that can easily fit into your backpack. For rural bike rides especially, you should never travel without a first aid kit. 

Even experienced riders can suffer injuries. Having antiseptic, bandaids, and gauze on-hand can help treat wounds promptly and prevent infection or unnecessary blood loss.  

Tools For Long Trips 

A Mini-Bike Pump 

Anything can happen over the course of a long bike trip. Tough terrain especially can put extra strain on your tires, causing them to deflate. Riding on deflated tires can harm your bike and slow you down considerably. 

A mini-bike pump – which you can easily slip into your backup – is a must for long trips. You can buy one online or in most bike repair shops. With a mini-pump on hand, you can ensure tire pressure is optimal for the full course of your ride. 

A Multitool 

A multitool is your best friend on long trips. If you have never heard of it before, a multitool is exactly what it sounds like – a single tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are small and lightweight, so they can easily be slipped into your backpack on a longer ride. 

Multitool capabilities vary by model, but most can at least be used as a screwdriver or wrench. Many multitools are specifically designed for cyclists and can be used in place of more specific tools like chain breakers. 

On that subject, make sure you learn the basics of bike repair before embarking on a long ride. You do not have to be a bike mechanic to safely navigate a tough trail, but you should at least read some tutorials on how to fix basic issues like a loose chain or flat tires (which, incidentally, brings us to our next item). 

Tire Plugs 

Tires will deflate naturally over time, which is why you never travel without a mini-pump. However, deflation can sometimes be due to punctures. In this case, tire plugs are vital. 

Tire plugs are sticky, expendable materials you can use to temporarily patch up punctured tires. Obviously, you won’t be able to lug a spare tire around while casually cycling. In a pinch, tire plugs can fix an issue long enough to get you home to safety. 

Ebike Accessories: The Bottom Line 

Even experienced riders have accidents, which can be particularly dangerous on a long ride. Running into an emergency five miles into a rural trail can be scary, but the right supplies can fix most issues. A combination of repair tools, safety equipment, and plenty of water all help you mitigate risk and enjoy long rides worry-free. 

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