Story Bikes: The Best Commuter Electric Bike


Story Bikes - The Best Commuter Electric Bike

Many people make the switch from traditional bikes to electric bikes to make their daily commute a little easier and much more enjoyable. Ebikes are capable of high speeds, allowing you to surpass range plateaus you would hit on traditional bicycles. For those looking for an alternative to cars and public transportation, commuter electric bikes provide the perfect fit.

At Story Bikes, we have taken a lot of factors into consideration over the years when designing our bikes. An ongoing relationship with our customers helps us recognize the most valuable features to include in our various models. With our Story Electric Commuter Bike, we balance style, comfort, and efficiency to keep our customer base happy.

If you are hoping to switch from a car to an ebike in 2021, our commuter bike was designed with your needs in mind.

Sleek Design

Ebikes have long had a reputation for being clunky and difficult to maneuver, which has made many cyclists uncomfortable making the switch. With Story Bikes, however, we worked hard to create a sleek, lightweight design.

Our commuter model weighs in at only 39 pounds, no heavier than a traditional bicycle. The battery and the motor are both built into the frame, making the bike very similar to a classic model. This sleek, light design makes our commuter ebike simple to move around. If you ever need to walk your bike up a flight of stairs, for example, you can do so with ease.


If you are going to be riding a bike for many miles each day, you want to make sure you stay comfortable. Our commuter model features adjustable handlebars and an upright seating position, making our bike comfortable for customers of all shapes and sizes.

The upright seating position is also a great safety feature. It makes it easier for you to see traffic and for cars and other cyclists to see you. 

Long-Lasting Battery

You need a powerful battery for a powerful motor. The last thing you want is to run out of steam halfway through your morning commute. Our high-quality batteries can take cyclists up to 45 miles on a single charge.

We designed our bikes with the intent of making batteries last longer than the average ebike battery. We use a torque-based pedal assist system. Sometimes called smart sensing, torque sensors provide levels of pedal assist based on the force you apply to the pedal. This way, no unnecessary energy is wasted turning up pedal assist on easier terrains.

Our batteries are simple to charge as well. You simply plug your adapter – which works with any standard outlet – directly into the bike frame. It takes 3.5 hours to charge a battery from empty to full.

Five Levels Of Pedal Assist

With pedal assist programmed to kick in when you need it, you can ride your ebike to work each day without breaking a sweat – even when pedaling up high hills. Oftentimes – and especially for riders with health concerns – biking every day can cause sore joints and other issues. Pedal assist ensures riders of all fitness levels are able to bike without undue strain and fatigue.

Our commuter model comes with five levels of pedal assist that are easy to turn up and down thanks to the LCD screen. Our bikes reach speeds up to 20 mph. On a traditional bike, the average biking speed is between 10 and 14 mph, so bikes make longer rides suddenly much more tenable.   

Built-In Safety Features

Our commuter model comes with an integrated front headlight and front and rear fenders. Both are vital for those who plan to ride their bike nearly every day. The fenders ensure your bike can endure rainy conditions and the headlights help you stay visible after daylight hours. 

Easy Assembly And Quality Customer Service

Our bikes come 95% assembled and are shipped with a toolkit and simple instructions. Even if you are not a bike expert yourself, you should be able to put your bike together with a little patience.

If you have any questions, however, we make sure someone gets in touch with you right away to walk you through the issue.

Our bikes also come with a one-year warranty on all components and a two-year warranty on the frame. Just in case something goes wrong, we are happy to replace damaged parts to ensure you can get riding ASAP.

The Bottom Line

For many, a commuter ebike can have a massively positive impact on their daily life. You can only go so far on a traditional bike. Even experienced cyclists are often unable to take their bikes to and from work most days due to lengthy commutes. With an ebike, however, your cycling range will expand greatly.

At Story Bikes, our bikes are affordable, high quality, and energy efficient. We combine classic design with modern technology to give you a smooth, safe ride every time. Plus, for every bike we sell, we send a bike to a student in Zimbabwe.