3 essentials to keeping your E-Bike safe


An E-bike is a significant investment, so losing it to a thief can be pretty devastating. The other issue with losing your e-bike is that not being able to get around can make your life incredibly inconvenient, especially if you use yours for commuting.

In this article, we will give you 3 tips on how to keep your e-bike safe.

1. Buy A Quality Bike Lock

It can be unnerving when you leave your e-bike unattended, but a good bike lock can give you peace of mind. Some people buy a cheap lock, but this is a bad idea. Why would you lock a bike that costs several thousand dollars with a lock costing $5?

Heavy-duty locks are cumbersome to carry around, but a good D-Lock will keep your e-bike pretty safe. Some people opt for a chunky chain, which is much safer. However, they are heavy to carry in your backpack.

If you opt for a chain, make sure you buy a decent padlock, as this is often the weakest point of your e-bike security.

You may want to buy two locks, as this makes it more awkward for thieves. Put one around the frame and bike rack, and the other around the frame and rear wheel, so it cannot be ridden away.

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2. Find A Good Place To Park Up

If you can, find a secure parking facility when you need to leave your e-bike for an extended amount of time. Sometimes you can take your e-bike into your workplace, especially if you have a folding e-bike.

However, this isn't always possible, so you need to be vigilant. Don't leave your e-bike outside overnight, as it is easier to steal when nobody is around.

Try to lock your e-bike up in a place that is visible to the public. A thief will be less likely to steal your bike with an audience.

Another top tip for leaving your e-bike unattended is to change where you leave it. If you leave it in the same place every day, a thief can learn your routine and find a good time to disappear with your e-bike.

Before you lock your bike to a public bike rack, have a look at it to see if it has been tampered with. Sometimes thieves damage bike racks so they can bypass the lock.


3. Insure Your E-Bike

Even if you follow all the tips above, you should also insure your e-bike. Make sure your e-bike insurance covers you for theft and damage. But, you may also want accident cover, which will protect you if you damage something or injure someone while riding. Write down the serial number which for example is at the very bottom of every Story Electric Bike, your insurance carrier will need this.