Our Team

JASON: Co-Founder

Jason co-founded Story Bikes in early 2016. His love for bikes was developed like any other young boy growing up, riding to school and around his neighborhood with friends until the sunset. He's worked as a manager within the technology industry for over 8 years graduating from the University of Santa Barbara. Fitting enough, combining technology and bicycles has become a passion for him while helping building this company. He seeks to develop a product that brings more meaning and style to the market. Jason is head of all sales and marketing.

Mark: Co-Founder

Mark is a co-founder and a natural born inventor. He's an ex-firefighter who loves to create and also build in his spare time, holding multiple patents. From the ages of 13 – 21 he cycled competitively as an amateur onto semi-professional winning multiple awards. He's tested and engineered these bikes rigorously throughout the research & development stages. Mark and the entire team spent months at their factory to ensure the highest quality control and assurance for production. Mark oversees all of product and engineering, a graduate from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Matt: Co-founder

Matt loves to fish and is a self-proclaimed foodie. He has spent the last 10 years in retail with an emphasis on product and supply management. He’s got a passion for providing his clients the best quality products and services. Matt oversees all of customer experience and supply, a graduate from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Christine: Director of Design & Development

Form and function are the keystones for every product and its design. With more than a decade of experience, Christine has observed the dramatic shift and evolution of technology and how it affects consumers’ daily lives. As the Director of Design, Christine strives to build a meaningful brand and product that every biker will fall in love with.