Why E-bikes Are the Future of Commuting


When the great inventors Pierre Lallement and John Kemp Starley developed the bicycle, it was impossible for them to foresee the distances, which their vehicle would take humanity. Presently, bicycles are the quick solution to backed-up roads, air pollution, financial burdens, adventure, and overall happiness. But the tweek of electricity added to the bike is the key jolting us through the gateway of the future. E-bikes are renovating the past by revamping urban commute. 

European countries and China have embraced a market that pushes e-bikes as a primary method of transportation. Statistics predict that sales within the next 5 years will pick up speed to 40 million units, leaving North America to be divided amongst a 6-million unit proportion. Last year's sales alone have shown parallel numbers of purchases in e-bikes and e-cars. All around the globe, people are seeing the perks that these pedals assist in their lives.

Buying into the e-bike lifestyle is the next best stride people could invest in for personal reasons or for better of humankind. Choosing e-bikes elevates your economical stance, and by lessening the strain of tending to the car to-do list, e-bikes promote healthy clean living. Choosing an electric ride preserves the well-being of the earth by reducing carbon exhaust.

Putting our best wheel forward, e-bikes are thrusting us into the future. The pedal assistance allows all age groups in the cyclist tribe to travel more easily and longer while giving them the proper daily dose of vitamin D. The sustainable mode of transportation is keeping tempers at surface level. E-bikes are bringing vibrance back into commuters’ lives, granting a refresher in their day-to-day, stale routines. E-bikes direct life in the right lane, embracing the freedom that the open road has to offer.