Top 5 Cities in the US to Bike In


Since the pandemic and rising fuel costs, cycling has become a more popular way of getting around. This is even the case in the very car-oriented culture in the US. 

The best cities to ride bikes in America have improved infrastructure to make cycling more accessible and safer. So here are the best cities to ride your bike in, whether that be on your new Story Electric Bike or any ordinary one! 


1. San Francisco, California

On the face of it, you may think that San Francisco is a terrible place to cycle. Those steep hills that the city is famous for may make the uninitiated cyclist think twice about using their eco-friendly bike.

However, San Francisco has some of the best views in America, all accessible by bike. You can expect miles of shoreline, rolling hills, and a multitude of famous landmarks to visit.

But it's the miles of bike paths that make San Francisco such a bike-friendly city.


2. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, has many miles of protected bike lanes, which is just one of the many things at the heart of the city's cycling culture. Every summer, visitors and locals can enjoy a month-long bike festival. There are many organized bike tours and places to rent bikes and a whole host of cycling events.

One of the most famous events in Portland is that the city plays host to one of the world's largest naked bike rides.


3. Fort Collins, Colorado

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore Fort Collins. The Colorado town is pretty flat and has wide bike lanes and trails. They make riding along the Poudre River and Spring Creek a joy and super safe.

But if you like to ride off-road, you can discover Fort Collins' 285-plus miles of mountain bike trails that take you through awe-inspiring landscapes.

Alternatively, you can rent e-bikes and join a range of self-guided cycling tours. These pre-planned itineraries take you to the area's points of interest.


4.Eugene, Oregon

Eugene has worked hard to develop a fantastic cycling culture. One of the ways it has done this is with its world-class bike infrastructure. It has worked so well that the city has been certified as a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community.

When it comes to cycling around Eugene, you can choose between 46 miles of shared-use paths, 187 miles of on-street bicycle lanes, and 71 miles of signed bikeways/neighborhood greenways. All these make riding around Eugene easy and super fun.


5.Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis has earned its place as one of the best cities to ride bikes in America with its excellent cycle-friendly infrastructure.

You can safely get around the city using the 16 miles of on-street protected bikeways. There are also 98 miles of bike lanes and 101 miles of off-street bikeways and trails.

It's no wonder why Minneapolis has the third-highest five-year average of bicycle commuting for large U.S. cities.


Final Thoughts

As the world changes, people are starting to see the benefits of riding bikes for commuting and leisure time. But the great news is that many cities also recognize the positives of cycling. Therefore, they are gradually facilitating the move towards car-free city centers. If you're interested in getting a new e-bike we suggest checking our any of the 3 models that Story Bikes have to offer!