Tips for riding your bike with children

Riding your Story Electric Bike as a family is a great thing to do. It keeps everyone active, while the electric motor helps the younger riders keep up. Here are our top tips for riding electric bikes with children.

1: Stay Safe

It is imperative that everyone wears a helmet while riding any bike. As a parent, you have to set an example for your kids to ensure their safety.

Kids are more likely to fall while riding, so make sure your kids are protected. Their helmet should fit properly and be done up at all times. The helmet must be comfortable, or your child won't wear it.

2: Check The Bikes Over

Before your family gets on their electric bikes, you need to check that they are safe. This is super easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

Start with checking that the tire pressures are correct. This will ensure that the bikes handle properly and have optimum traction on the ground.

Next, make sure the brakes work correctly. If they don't, you may need to change the brake pads for new ones.

You should always make sure the chain is clean and lubricated before a ride. This will ensure that the bike runs smoothly and prevent premature wearing of the drivetrain components.

The extra thing you need to do for a family ride on electric bikes is to charge the batteries. Plug the batteries into their chargers the night before your ride to ensure everyone has enough power to complete the ride.

You should include your kids in these simple tasks. It will teach them about essential bike maintenance and allow them to understand how their bikes work.

3: Pick A Route And Destination

It would be best to choose a fun destination for your family's electric bike ride. It will encourage your kids to get out on their bikes, creating an active lifestyle.

But you should also choose the route carefully. Avoid busy roads and too many hills if possible. If your child uses up all their battery power riding uphill, they may not have any power to get home.

4: Go Prepared

Several things can prevent your family from continuing their ride. Some are unavoidable, but you can prepare for most of them.

When it comes to keeping your bike in working order during a ride, you can carry a few items that will get you riding again. It is essential to take everything you need to repair a flat tire, such as spare inner tubes, tire levers, and a pump.

We also recommend that you carry a multi-tool. These will allow you to perform most repairs while you're out and about to let you continue your ride.

5: Make Sure Your Kids Have Road Sense

Your kids need to know about the rules of the road. It will keep them safe, as they will learn how to stay away from danger.

You can do this as you ride, but it is best to give them information beforehand. For example, when you drive places in your car, highlight what you are doing, draw their attention to hazards, and quiz them about staying safe.

Once you have done this, you can remind them before, and during the ride, so it is fresh in their memories.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to stay safe on a bike comes with experience and education. Make sure you follow these tips for riding electric bikes with children for the best experience for everyone.