Story Bikes Funds a School in Zimbabwe

Story Bikes Funds a School in Zimbabwe


Thank you for supporting the students of Nejambezi Secondary School in Jambezi Village near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Your generous contribution has helped make a significant difference in the lives of the recipients of the Buffalo Bicycles as well as their community.

At World Bicycle Relief, we believe that education is essential for ending the cycle of disease and poverty in vulnerable communities around the world. To these students, a bicycle is not a toy, it is a way of overcoming the challenge of distance that often keeps them from obtaining an education and achieving their goals.

Buffalo Bicycles are simple, durable bicycles that are designed for rural terrain and carrying heavy cargo. They are assembled locally in our facilities to guarantee quality and create jobs.


Story Bikes Funds a School in Zimbabwe


Along with the donation of bicycles to students, our Bicycles for Education Empowerment Program (BEEP) includes training select members of the community to form the Bicycle Supervisory Committee (BSC). This body is created as an accountability structure and helps to inform us on the progress of the program.

Bicycle recipients are selected based on distance traveled and vulnerability criteria established by the BSC and the committee creates guidelines and procedures to ensure that the bicycles are looked after and utilized properly. The BSC meets monthly and reports back to our team on any issues they face and improvements made by the recipients.

We also train a field mechanic in the community who can fix the bicycles, fit spare parts and complete regular preventative maintenance. Field mechanic training keeps our programs rolling and leads to increased economic opportunities for mechanics, families, and communities.


The Buffalo Bicycles are a special gift and really make an impact in the lives of the recipients as well as their communities. Our recipient schools host a special Bicycle Distribution Ceremony, full of joy and celebration.

At the ceremony, students (together with their parents or guardians) sign a contract whereby the bicycle becomes their personal property after graduation. Students agree to attend classes regularly and are encouraged to use the bicycle for improving household livelihood, provided this does not interfere with school attendance.


Thanks to your donation, 120 students at Nejambezi Secondary School received life-changing bicycles at the Bicycle Distribution Ceremony.



Our vision for 2019 and beyond is to continue to innovate, collaborate, and create mobilized communities to support educated children, healthier communities, and robust economies that benefit all. Your continued support is vital to our success in reaching the millions of individuals who are challenged by distance.

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