Story Bikes Ebike Reviews: Why People Love Our Ebikes

Story Bikes Ebike Reviews

We are happy to have such a strong and loyal community at Story Bikes. With electric bikes, we want to get people of all ages back on bikes and embracing a healthier lifestyle. We certainly hope our ebikes make it as easy as possible for our customers to start cycling.

Over the years, we have gotten many glowing reviews. Customers have shared their stories with us and told us how our products have made a positive impact on their lives.

Below, you will find a compilation of the reviews that illustrate the reasons people love our ebikes.


Easy To Assemble

We want people to be able to start riding right away without the hassle of a complicated assembly. That is why we make sure – when your bike arrives on your doorstep – it is as easy as possible to put together and customer service is readily available if you have questions.

“Our conversations with the Story Bike staff were great,” Keith Schneider writes, “The company's service is excellent. The bike came within a week of the order. It was easy to assemble.”

Mike Frank had a similar experience in putting together his ebike, even while he feared he lacked the technical skills to do so. “Slow as I am,” he wrote, “it only took about 45 minutes to put it together.”

Newfound Mobility

Ebikes allow many people to increase their cycling range and feel more free and confident. We call them story bikes for a reason – they expand your story and give you the freedom to navigate the world without relying on cars and public transport.

A combination of a long battery life and a powerful motor means cyclists of all ages and fitness levels can get where they need to go.

Leslie Loker was worried – as she aged and her body changed – cycling would become a thing of the past. “I figured my aging bones were trying to tell me not to ride a bike,” she wrote. She joined a gym to stay in shape, but COVID-19 shutdowns soon made exercising difficult. Luckily, she found a solution with Story Bikes.  

“Story Bikes have been my booster!” she wrote. “The bike looks great and it is easy to ride without the pedal assist so I feel like I am really getting exercise but can take hills that would have been impossible without the motor.”  

Christina Powell found herself in a similar situation. “While visiting family in Colorado this summer,” she wrote, “I tried to get back into riding by trying a ‘hybrid’ bike. I soon realized that as a 71 year old now, riding the distance was challenging.” 

While she looked into other electric bikes, she found they were not a viable solution given her situation. 

“I realized that electric bikes could be heavy, the tires might be wide,” she wrote. “Then somehow I saw an ad for StoryBikes, and they were available nearby, in LA. Many of my questions were answered in the ‘Chat’ online, as well as personally on the phone.” 

Christina eventually purchased one of our bikes during our Black Friday sale, saying, “I'm very happy with the choice I made. I no longer feel restricted; but can enjoy taking in the scenery and breathing the fresh air while I exercise.”

Easier To Ride

No matter where you live, you can rely on Story Bikes to make riding easier. We ensure our bikes can help you climb hills with ease and navigate even the most difficult of terrain. They can also get you places quicker than easier than conventional road bikes.

Many riders find Story Bikes allow them to commute to work, no longer reliant on cars or public transportation. Romain T left a review saying, “The bike has cut my commute to work by one third (12 minutes!). Bridges and hills are now a piece of cake, and the ride feeling is so smooth.” 

People who feel limited by their location find a solution with Story Bikes. Jason Rothkop never thought he could ride a bike given where his house was until purchasing one of our ebikes. “I live at the top of a steep hill,” he wrote, “and my bike made it a breeze to climb.”

A Sleek Design

Customers love the way our bike’s look – and not just for purely cosmetic reasons. We design our bikes carefully and with functionality in mind, creating a product that is both eye-catching and easy to maneuver.

Some ebikes have a clunky design riders dislike, so we made sure to avoid this when creating our products. Customers appreciate this extra effort.  “You can’t tell by looking at this bike that it’s electric,” Shannon Tinkley writes.  

But it goes beyond the look of the bike. Our design has practical purposes, as Shannon also knows. “I love the sleek design and the weight of the bike is light enough that if the battery dies you can still ride it around like a standard bike,” she told us.

We pride ourselves on our lightweight bikes, a feature riders love. “It’s super cute and fast!” Jenny Sec writes. “I love the way it looks and it’s not as heavy as other electric bikes I’ve looked at.”

“I looked high and low for an electric assist bike that could offset the added weight of a little one but would still be light enough for me to carry up my front steps,” Laura Flamm told us. “Story Bikes delivered in a big way!”

Thank You For Being Part Of Our Community

We appreciate everyone who has joined our community. We truly love hearing from you and are always overjoyed when we learn our products have had a positive impact on someone’s life.

Reviews do not just brighten our day either – they help us learn what our customers value, allowing us to continue to create a better product in the future. We want everyone to be able to incorporate regular exercise and fresh air into their daily schedule. Having a bike that can take you anywhere makes that as easy as possible.

Thank you for being part of the Story Bikes community. Our story begins with you.