Property Managers Using Ebikes As An Amenity

Ebikes As An Amenity

The popularity of the ebike is on the rise. According to the accounting firm Deloitte, by 2023 more than 40 million ebikes will have been sold globally. This translates to a more than 50% increase of ebikes in just a few short years.

The number may prove to be higher, in fact, given recent events. It is now becoming apparent that – even with vaccines becoming available – the global pandemic is going to permanently affect how we live and gather. Electric bikes provide an alternative to public transportation that does not come with the cost and responsibility of a car. Given this expected rise in popularity, it is no surprise many businesses are looking into ebikes as amenities.

Hotels – like the Hilton – have already started partnering with ebike rental companies to give guests the option of using ebikes to get around during their stay. Not only does this provide the guests with an alternative means of transportation, but they can also go further than typical to explore their new surroundings! This same idea could be a potential moneymaker for property managers looking to find creative ways to entice renters in such a competitive landscape. Typical properties include pools, recreational equipment, and gyms however e-bikes have been the lately trend to be included. This is especially important if you are renting in a densely populated area, where commuters may want to avoid public transportation.

The Benefits Of Ebikes

Popularity of bikes in general skyrocketed during the pandemic. More and more people were unable to access gyms, so they opted for cycling as an alternative form of transportation. Many people also wanted an alternative to public transportation, given crowded, confined areas increase the risk of COVD infection.

However, a traditional bike has limitations in terms of range and speed. On an electric bicycle, you can go much faster and much further.  Story Bikes, for example, go up to 20 miles per hour and up to 45 miles on a fully charged battery. This drastically increases the ground you can cover, and makes ebikes a practical alternative to cars, trains, and busses when it comes to navigating day-to-day life.

In fact, even post-pandemic, ebikes were becoming more popular with an increasingly health-conscious, environmentally-conscious population. Deloitte was predicting the takeoff of ebikes as early as 2019, and it is easy to see the reasons.  

Despite the electric motor, ebikes are human powered vehicles. You burn calories and build muscle riding an ebike. Ebikes are also zero emission vehicles, meaning those looking to reduce their carbon footprint may opt for ebikes.

How Do Ebikes As Amenities Work?

As stated, hotels have already begun to capitalize on the ebike trend by offering ebikes as amenities for travelers. Property managers could offer similar programs, which could make their buildings far more enticing in a changing market.

Property managers could set up similar programs to those hotels are already using. Providing ebikes, charging stations, and a rental program can make your property look more attractive on the market – especially in larger cities where an alternative to a car or public transportation is a huge perk.

Are Ebikes Worth The Investment?

We have every reason to believe ebikes will continue to rise in popularity in the coming years, and there are myriad opportunities for businesses to incorporate them into their services.

An ebike allows you to evade traffic while also reaping the benefits of fresh air and exercise. While many rely on public transportation to get around, trains and busses feel increasingly less safe to a health-conscious population. An apartment complex or condo offering a free alternative to both is a major perk moving into a changing market.  

Ebikes may feel like a temporary trend, and one that will fizzle out when life returns to normal. However, many effects of COVID-19 are expected to become permanent, including a preference for outdoor activities like biking. Plus, as ebikes become more ubiquitous, many consumers may not want to return to cars and public transportation once they experience the benefits of commuting on an ebike.  

It is also notable that – again – the ebike trend began before the pandemic started. While COVID-19 may have expedited their popularity, ebikes were always poised to take off. There is good reason to believe offering ebikes as amenities will only get more lucrative in the coming years.

Ebikes As Amenities: The Bottom Line

The recent buzz around ebikes is definitely worth paying attention to. Ebikes provide a fix for many modern issues, from lowering your carbon footprint to helping you avoid health risks associated with public transportation. Being able to identify ways to incorporate ebikes into your business can help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

Investors in multiple industries are now looking into offering ebikes as part of their services. As the ebike trend is only expected to grow, it would be wise for any property management company to start seriously considering making ebikes part of their building’s amenities.