How to choose and use your lock

Story Bikes are very valuable, especially if you use yours for commuting. If it gets stolen, it not only costs you a lot of money, but your mode of transport is taken away from you.

So in this article, we will tell you how to choose and use a bike lock to protect your investment.


U-locks are sometimes called D-locks and are a very popular way for cyclists to secure their bikes. Their chunky design and robust lock are good at resisting blows from hammers and chisels.

The shape of this kind of bike lock limits how much leverage a would-be thief can get with a crowbar to pop it open. But you need to get a U-lock that fits around your bike's wheel, frame, and a fixed object.

You can buy large U-locks that fit both wheels and a fixed object. This will stop someone from stealing your wheels or bike, but you need to remember that you have to carry it with you.

Cable Bike Locks

The great thing about cable locks is that they are compact to carry and versatile. You pull the cable from its lock and extend it to wrap around your frame, wheel, and a railing or bike stand.

Cable bike locks either come with a key or are secured with a combination lock. Alternatively, you may come across a cable lock that requires a separate padlock.

The main issue with cable bike locks is that they are not that secure. It doesn't take much for a thief to snip through the cable with bolt cutters. However, the more expensive ones have an armored coating on the cable, but they are still no match for a U-lock.

Chain Locks

Chain bike locks are very tough, as their chain links are made to withstand hacksaws or chisels while being tough to leverage. But a chain lock is only as strong as its padlock, so don't buy a cheap one, as the padlock becomes the weakest part.

You thread the chain through the frame, wheel, and around an immovable object. This is easier to do with longer chains. Look for chain locks that have their links covered with a sleeve, as this prevents your bike's paintwork.

The main issue with chain locks is that they are very heavy. Therefore, carrying one around in your backpack can be awkward.

Do You Go For A Bike Lock With A Key Or A Combination Lock?

Bike locks that use keys either have cylindrical or flat keys. You should avoid older locks that use cylindrical keys. This is because you can easily pick the lock with a ballpoint pen. But more modern locks of this type are pretty good.

These locks usually come with a couple of keys, so you will have a spare. But most bike lock manufacturers have a service for replacing keys if you lose yours.

Bike locks with combinations are more convenient than keyed locks. You don't have to remember your key or worry about losing it. But, you do need to remember your code.

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to lose their bike to a thief, so if you leave yours unattended, you must lock it. 

Some people buy a cheap cable lock thinking that it will be enough. But why would you protect a bike that costs thousands of dollars with a $5 lock?

When it comes to bike locks, you get what you pay for. So buy a quality lock that will keep your bike safe.