E-Bike Commuting 101


Many people are starting to leave their cars at home or replace them in favor of electric bikes. Electric bikes are perfect for commuting, as they save you money, are often faster than cars in the city and are preferable to public transportation.

In this article, we will give you lots of tips for electric bike commuting, so you can stay safe and make the most of your daily rides.

1. Don't Forget To Charge Your Battery

When you get home in the evening, get into the habit of immediately putting your electric bike battery on charge. If you forget, you will have a nasty surprise in the morning when you go to ride to work.

Make charging your battery part of your evening routine. You can even have a spare battery ready to go in the morning.

2. Get Your Stuff Together 

Electric bike commuting requires a bit of preparation to cover all eventualities. Pack your bag with everything you need for work, extra clothing layers, bike lock, multi-tool, spare inner tube, tire levers, etc.

3. Wear A Helmet

You should wear a helmet no matter what kind of bike you ride. But the nature of electric bike commuting comes with unique dangers, so protecting your head is essential.

4. Stay Visible

Ensure your electric bike has front and rear lights fitted. Also, bright clothing and side reflectors will alert other road users to your presence in low light conditions.

5. Buy A Good Bike Lock

Sometimes, it is impossible to take your electric bike into a safe place inside when you get to work. Therefore, you should get a quality bike lock to ensure that your electric bike is still there at the end of the day.

6. Adapt Your Braking

The extra weight of an electric bike requires longer stopping distances. Therefore, you need to brake sooner before you can come to a complete stop. This is more important when you ride in wet weather. 

7. Ride Smoothly

Riding smoothly will increase your electric bike's range. If you accelerate hard, your bike's motor demands more energy from the battery. Also, setting off from a standstill uses more battery power than when you keep rolling.

Therefore, keep your eyes on the road ahead, so you don't need to stop at all the junctions and stop lights. You don't always need to be riding at 100%. Remember, the more you use your motor, the quicker your battery will run out of energy.

8. Get Fenders 

Fenders will prevent dirt and water from flicking up into your eyes and up your back. They make your ride in bad weather much more pleasant and mean you start your day comfortably.

9. Wear Appropriate Clothing

When you ride in cold weather on an electric bike, you won't get as warm as you would on a regular bike. Therefore, you need to add an extra layer.

Also, wear a breathable and waterproof outer layer to protect you from the elements.

10. Learn The Rules Of The Road

It is essential you know the rules of the road when electric bike commuting. You will be able to stay safe and out of trouble, as you will know how to behave and what everyone else will do.