10 Reasons to get an E-bike




1. Traffic is merely nonexistent.

E-bikes are a revolution in transportation. Using E-bikes to get from point A to point B allows you to cruise through the bike lanes instead of staring through a windshield for hours at end, suffering in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Most motors can allow you to reach up to 20 mph, thereby covering a distance of 45 miles on a fully charged battery. It’s a bonus to your bike!  

2. Eco-Friendly [eco-electric friendliness]

We’re living in Generation Green. Trading fuel for battery lightens your carbon footprint, relieving the pollutive burden off Earth’s shoulders. As the popularity of e-bikes accelerates, it is expected that, by the year 2050, there will be a 47% reduction in emission. Choosing to take the e-bike route is clean for the environment and key for humanity’s sanity. Since we’re already cutting down on pollution, e-bikes even minimize the noise pollution infesting urban areas.

3. More Affordable than a Car - Financial Stability 

With the inconsistent prices of gasoline, it is easy for your wallet to get tapped out. Choosing to invest in an e-bike is ultimately a financial steal. In comparison to a car, an e-bike’s consumption of electricity equates, on average, to 1,000 miles per gallon of gasoline. Imagine a life without the frustration of finding a parking spot and then paying the fees. Imagine a life without the irking ticking. Why maintain such a financially unsettling chain of events when electric bikes additionally require low maintenance and little in repairs?

4. Encourage an Active Lifestyle

2.5 hours of exercise are recommended weekly in order to keep you treading down the highway of a healthy lifestyle. The pedal assistance that electric bikes has to offer eases the ride for a wider range of people by flattening hills. This allows a low-intensity cardio workout while boosting more time outdoors. 

5. Age is just a number!

Owning an electric bike requires neither a license nor a registration. Laws vary from state to state, but riders must be 12 years or older. The low restrictions broaden your riding company, allowing you to share the road with people you care about.

6. It’s some Serious Fun!

Electric bikes leave a lasting smile on riders’ faces. Who can hide the joy you feel as you rev a motor and speed along as if you were a superhero? You’re free and seemingly limitless in what you can do, where you can go, and even who you can be.

7. Safety First

E-bikes are raising public awareness to bikers on the roadways. The number of biking accidents that involve e-bikes are significantly fewer than those that involve regular bikes. The pedal assistance allows riders to exert speed, granting a better reaction time while a regular biker must otherwise be highly precautious. This steers you out of the danger zone.

8. Gets you riding more.

Electric bikes get people moving! It’s proven that 81% of electric bike users ride at least once a week. Riding gives you a different perspective of your surroundings and grants time to reflect on your thoughts. 

9. Don’t Sweat It!

The beauty of an electric bike is that you control the magnitude of your workout. You can get as much or as little exercise depending on your pedal assistance mode. People that use e-bikes for their daily commute to work no longer need to worry about having a sweaty appearance.  

10. Exploration is at your Handlebars 

Electric bikes give a new spark to your ride. Riders are able to go the distance and see what the world has to offer for longer durations of time. People are able to experience an adventure outside of the confining frame of their car.