10 Best Cities to E-Bike in the US

 1. New York, New York

    New York City

     The hub of public transportation, New York City has gradually become friendly to the e-bike trend. Its immense population of 8.6 million calls for an alternative solution that allows people to weave in and out of the parade of yellow taxis while reducing its carbon footprint. E-bikes bring the thrill to the concrete jungle by making more enjoyable deliveries, running errands, and strolls through Central Park.

     2. Los Angeles

      Los Angeles E-bikes US Cities

      Within the City of Angels lie Satan’s freeways. Los Angeles is infamous for its stop-and-go hourly traffic jams. With a dense population of 3.9 million people, the city holds 1,190 miles of bikeways perfect for e-bike commuters to glide through the hills and the valley. Not to mention, it allows riders to take in the oceanside view, being whisked away by the breeze on scenic coastal rides.

       3. Tucson, Arizona

      Arizona E-bikes US Cities
      This Sonoran Desert city terrain is surrounded by cacti and mountain ranges. In the arid environment, e-bikes boosts stamina and make riding through the 700+-mile bikeway hills bearable. Nothing outrides a trip through the Santa Catalina Mountains during sunset.


      4. Seattle, Washington

        Seattle, Washington E-bikes US Cities

        The Emerald City holds the perfect combination of nature and urban life, teeming with cyclists. E-bikes are the secret weapon, making it possible to cover all the coordinates on the map. From the g forests to the beaches to the congested city, e-bikes provide the proper assistance that allow the city dwellers to fully immerse themselves in the outdoor terrain.


        5. Washington, D.C.

          Washington, DC E-bikes US Cities

           There’s no escape from the feeling of freedom while cruising through the nation’s capital. E-bikes have become a popularized method of transportation in the District of Columbia with its 48 miles of bike lanes. In a city centralized on punctuality, e-bikes allow commuters to arrive at their destinations neatly in a timely fashion.   


          6. Austin, Texas

            Austin, Texas E-bikes US Cities

            With a population swiftly rising, the city streets are becoming a zoo full of bike lovers. In fact, amongst the 110+ parks leads a trail to a Bike Zoo of illuminated crafted bicycles. This surge of electricity is meant to be not only spectated but also participated in. E-bikes serve their purpose as they zip through the city’s 6-mile-long Lance Armstrong Bikeway and other 325 miles devoted to bike lanes. 


            7. San Francisco, California

              San Francisco California E-bikes US Cities

               The Golden Gate City has met its match with e-bikes. The pedal assistance gives riders the leverage to break through the fog and reach the top of the notorious rolling hills without overworking their bodies. The city’s 200+ mile bikeways have made it the home of one of the largest e-bike sharing locations in the country. This peer-to-peer transaction allows people to explore a greater uphill ride.   


              8. Boulder, Colorado

                Colorado E-bikes US Cities

                Beautiful mountain ranges line the outskirts of the city, pathing a scenic route for all riders. E-bikes are the perfect assistance for gearing up for high-intensity bike trails like Walker’s Ranch. The altitude poses no threat as riders are pushed onwards with the assistance of a motor.


                9. Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota

                  Minnesota E-bikes US Cities

                  Minnesotans are noted for their loyalty to the cyclist lifestyle. 3.7% of the population ride to work, therefore ranking the city as the second-highest bicycle commuting cities and leaving the nation to follow in its tracks. With such applause to the bike community, e-bikes ride along the 226-mile bikeways as a favored alternative transportation solution.


                  10. Portland, Oregon

                    Portland, Oregon E-bikes US Cities

                    A city built for two wheels, Portland is the advocate for cyclist communities. In fact, 8% of commuters bike to work daily. The Tilikum Crossing car-free bridge steers people in the e-bike direction by allowing them to bypass rush hour. The intricate bikeway routes go beyond the city bounds into Forest Park where pedal-assistance comes in hand through the mountain.