Our Story

Story Bikes was born from the love of electric bikes and philanthropy.
"Pick some wheels, give some wheels"


The goal of our electric bikes is to get people of all ages back on bikes, out of cars, and to like a healthier lifestyle by riding more often while reducing our carbon footprint. Riders will also have an immediate impact on a person in need in impoverished parts of the world. 

Think globally, cycle locally. Let change the world together, one bike at a time. 





A specially designed and locally assembled Buffalo Bike will be given to entrepreneurs, farmers, health care workers, and students-- mobilizing people through the power of bicycles. Buffalo bicycles provide greater carrying capacity, enabling farmers and entrepreneurs to transport more goods in less time. Increased productivity leads to improved livelihood and more prosperous communities.






Students reduce travel time to and from school and improve educational outcomes. More bicycles in the hands of girls and boys in rural regions of the developing world will help lift families and communities out of poverty.







Story Bikes is truly the gift that keeps giving.